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As the world continues to change I pride myself in clinical work that supports all of my client’s ups and downs. In session I work to provide my clients with concrete skills to use as they begin to delve deeper into their personal experience.  Over the last 10 years my career has focused primarily with adolescents and young adults navigating trauma and the experience of transitioning into adulthood, as well as adolescents struggling with emotion identification and regulation. In addition to this I have experience working with adults who have experienced major life changes. 

With specific training in trauma focused care, culturally focused clinical work, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In session, the client and I work together to set specific goals, and find a pace that feels best. Always leaving flexibility for the unexpected things that come up in life and self exploration. I have worked in residential settings, out-patient clinics, and have a background in the Department of Youth Services and the Department of Children and Families. I possess a Master’s Degree in International Disaster Psychology and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.